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Does parenting feel like it’s just one challenge after another?

From the joy of watching your baby’s first steps to the challenges of navigating the school years – and everything in between – parenting is an ever-evolving journey.

It seems like you’ve just adjusted when the goalposts change and you have new challenges.

The frustration of endless bedtime battles. The challenge of dealing with tantrums in public. The not-so-veiled criticism from everyone including random strangers or even people close to you.

The Discerning Parent’s Club is your sanctuary from judgment and doubt, offering a community of parents with shared values, and expert guidance to help you confidently navigate the ups and downs of raising children.

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    Dr. Victoria Nolasco is a developmental and behavioral pediatrician and a mom. She supports parents of babies and toddlers with effective parenting strategies to help them find joy in parenting.